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All meals are prepared daily by our on-site kitchen.

Lunch is pureed for the baby class.






08:00          Ontbyt / Breakfast                 

                                      Pap: Mieliemeel, Hawermout, Maltabella

                                                Porridge: Maize meal, Oats, Maltabella

10:00           Verversings /Snacks (indien van toepassing)

                                      Toebroodjies / Sap / Tee

                                                Sandwiches / Juice / Tea

12:00           Middagete / Lunch

                                      Maandag / Monday

Pasta met maalvleis en groente in seisoen (wortels)

                                                Pasta with mince and vegetables in season (carrots)

                                      Dinsdag / Tuesday

Hoenderstowe met rys en pampoen

                                                Chicken stew with rice and pumpkin

                                      Woensdag / Wednesday

                                                Pasta met maalvleis en botterskorsies

                                                Pasta with mince and gemsquash

                                      Donderdag / Thursday

Vleis (maalvleis) en groente in seisoen met kapokaartappels

                                                Meat (mince) and vegetables in season with mashed potatoes


                                      Vrydag / Friday

                                                Vis met kapokartappels en ertjies

                                                Fish with mash and garden peas


14:45           Verversings / Snacks (indien van toepassing)

                                      Toebroodjies / Sap / Tee

                                                Sandwiches / Juice / Tea