2022 is a new year filled with new challenges and ways of navigating through life, at Piccoli nursery school we are constantly aiming towards improving and finding ways to navigate through the Covid-19 season. The following page provides information about how we are operating at Piccoli during the current global pandemic.


1. Safety procedures

Piccoli’s procedures and risk mitigation measures are informed and underpinned by the following institutions and regulatory authorities:

  • World Health Organization

  • National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) 

  • The National Department of Health

  • The regulatory requirements of:

    • The Disaster Management Act 

    • Department of Basic Education

    • Department of Employment and Labour o Department of Transport

    • Department of Social Development


In addition, Piccoli has been independently audited by district officials from the Department of Health, The Department of Social Development and The Department of Employment and Labour. Our premise has been deep cleaned and disinfected on a weekly basis by GermCure. Piccoli Nursery School also get sanitized daily in terms of our approved standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the safety of our children and staff.

Without exception, Piccoli emerged with flying colours and was commended for exemplary implementation of all COVID-19 safety protocols.

2. Adept communication with our Piccoli parents

Piccoli nursery school is aiming towards adeptly communicating with our Piccoli Parents as we receive important information. We are also educating our Piccoli children through our #StaySafe campaign.

3. Updated operating hours

Due to the current pandemic our operating hours which are personally communicated with our Piccoli parents. For more information please contact us.

4. Updated Piccoli visiting regulations

At Piccoli your child's safety is our number one priority, therefore we require that appointments be made with us if you plan on visiting Piccoli to find a second home for your little one. Please contact us to schedule a visit at our school were you will feel right at home.



Here is a video regarding the drop off and pick up procedures for Piccoli children as well as some information about how we #StaySafe in 2022


Some pictures that tell a story of how Piccoli is making the best of the situation and adapting to the times.