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Piccoli Kleuterskool
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Piccoli nursery school is a place where a second home is created for your most precious possessions. Piccoli provides a stimulating and interesting environment that promotes carefree play. At Piccoli your child's imagination is given free rein and through this, creative ideas, solutions and approaches are formed. The play phase of any child's development is crucial, therefore the attitude and authority of the parent's home is expanded and supplemented at Piccoli, thus creating a “second home” for your most precious possessions where he or she is always the most important. 


We welcome children from 3 months to 6 years. The language of instruction and medium of instruction are bilingual (Afrikaans and English). Christian principles are accepted and applied in the education of your child. Furthermore, the staff are experienced trained teachers who will give the children individual attention in a loving environment. We also offer a wide range of additional activities at the school which include: for example, Swimming, Ballet, Playball, Dance Mouse, Miki-Maths, Soccercise Stars, Rugby, Cricket Champs, Just Click computer classes and many more. Come and visit us at Piccoli Nursery School!

Nursery school hours

Mondays to Fridays

Full day: 06:45 - 17:30

Half day: 06:45 -13:30   The nursery school is closed on weekends, public holidays.

All meals are prepared daily by our on-site kitchen. Lunch is pureed for the baby class.  

All meals are prepared freshly each day by our

on-site kitchen.  The menu's below are rotated weekly

What to bring?

Wondering what your should bring to school? Check out the list below.

Piccoli regulations


Our rules and regulations for the current year (in English).

Piccoli regulations


Our rules and regulations for the current year (in Afrikaans).

Enrolment form

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School fees

Details about our school fees for the current year.

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