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tweede huis vir jou kleuter


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The perfect second home for your little one

Kleuterskool Olympus Pretoria

Kleuterskool Garsfontein Pretoria

Kleuterskool Mooikloof Pretoria

Kleuterskool Silver Lakes Pretoria

Kleuterskool Fearie Glen Pretoria 

Kleuterskool Pretoria 

Beste Afrikaanse Kleuterskool pretoria o’s

Kleuterskool pretoria sos

Christelike Kleuterskool

Kleuterskool Woodlands

Kleuterskool Woodhill

Doxa Deo

Pallet Kleuterskool

Bambini Kleuterskool 

Bambolini Kleuterskool 


Christian school 

Beste kleuterskool pretoria oos

Top kleuterskool pretoria oos

Privaat Kleuterskool

Maragon Private school

Bambolini kleuterskool

Pallet kleuterskool

Bambini kleuterskool

SSkool in olympus

Kleuterskool olympus pretoria

About your little one’s new


Meer oor jou kind se nuwe tweede huis.


Piccoli Nursery School in Olympus, Pretoria East, distinguishes itself with top-notch facilities and a passionate team that has been operating since 2004. Our nursery school offers a safe and nurturing environment complemented by the natural beauty that sets us apart in the region. Tailored for babies and toddlers aged 3 months to 6 years, Piccoli Nursery School in Pretoria East ensures that your child receives the attention they need before stepping into primary school. Dive deeper into our values and discover testimonials by clicking here.


We offer a comprehensive and enriching education

We go beyond traditional teaching by providing a holistic learning experience. Our school is mainly an Afrikaans school, however we do offer instruction in English for our English speaking friends as Piccoli is bi-lingual. We also offer a variety of additional activities such as Swimming, Ballet, Playball, Dance Mouse, Miki-Maths, Soccercise Stars, Rugby, Cricket Champs, Just Click computer classes, and more, ensures a well-rounded education that nurtures various aspects of your child's development.


By Piccoli koester ons kreatiwiteit

By Piccoli Kleuterskool in Pretoria oos kweek ons 'n stimulerende en innemende omgewing wat sorgvrye spel aanmoedig en kinders toelaat om vrylik om hul verbeelding ryklik te benut . Deur dit te doen, bevorder ons die ontwikkeling van kreatiewe idees, oplossings en benaderings, wat Piccoli 'n unieke ruimte maak vir jou kind se groei.


We extend your home environment

We take pride in creating a "second home" for your most precious possessions, where the attitudes and authority from your home are expanded and supplemented. Ensuring that your child feels like the most important individual, we recognise the crucial role of the play phase in their development. Furthermore, Christian principles are accepted and applied in the education the little one's at Piccoli.


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You will not find a better school! We have been with Piccoli for 6 years and have loved every minute. It is a beautiful, safe and caring school that loves our children as their own."

'n Virtuele

A virtual visit of Piccoli Nursery School


van Piccoli Kleuterskool




Discover the details on nursery school hours, meal schedules, enticing menus, and what essentials to bring by clicking on the document icon.

Find our rules and regulations, enrolment forms and school fees by clicking on the document icon.

Kontak ons gerus vir meer inligting oor Piccoli Kleuterskool


 us to find out more

Exploring the possibilities at Piccoli Nursery School? Complete this form, and we'll promptly connect with you. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly – we're here to assist!


Rensche Cronjé (owner): 082 343 8748

Carla Kempff (admin): 078 703 4914

Piccoli landline: 012 999 3016


Thank you for considering Piccoli Nursery school

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